Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art style developed over countries of eastern civilization, primarily used as a means of self defence. Taekwondo has now turned a universal trenchant method of maintaining health and physical fitness. Taekwondo is now being practiced as International combat sports approved by International Olympic Committee. We would like to note here that taekwondo has nothing to do with religious beliefs as it is often conceptualized by some people. Please, should you need further information in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us.

Attached are training and our past competition pictures for your perusal.


Taekwondo involves mastering a set of Mental, Physical, and psychological development techniques directed towards sharpening one’s fitness, agility, reflex, good balance and control intense speed, discipline and good morals, good timing judgement, Respects, Peace keeping, problem solving mind, survival on extremely antagonistic situation and leadership skills.







The young ones in our present day society will undoubtedly fail physical fitness test required to certify them fit and healthy according to their age fitness level requirement. We live in a time of increasing automation, we no longer take herbs as our ancestors did, carry pails of water to the house or hike kilometer to school and cut grasses manually with cutlass. The question is, how fit are we for our part in this age of continuous increasing automation? All these are the major factors causing lack of physical fitness and good health among the younger generation today.


There is a saying that a nation is as good as the people in it. This means that a country is in good condition when its people are fit-socially, emotionally, intellectually and also physically. This also applies to schools or institutions of learning where the children that passes through it are the leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately most schools do not have enough ground for elaborate sporting activity that could enhance their pupil physical fitness activities. Also it is worth mentioning here that many schools management authority do not attach importance to practical physical fitness activity, even though physical education is offered as a subject in their school.



It is obvious that over 95% young boys and girls will not actually pass fitness test according to physical fitness required at their age level, if tested using teraus Weber’s test rules. It is therefore imperative and of paramount importance for schools and government to include, a form of physical activity which would go a long way to develop and enhance their pupil’s physical and mental fitness at the same time impart moral values. Research however revealed that only the martial art sport like Taekwondo actually meets such requirement due to its methodology, philosophy and principle of training.





With the right physical and mental approach, we aim at imparting Students with adequate physical and mental fitness, to perform efficiently and effectively in their chosen profession, academy and to relate friendly in social setting.