Taekwondo offers something that no other sport can.  It’s a ‘learning style’ athletic activity that develops a combination of balance, coordination and flexibility while instilling a sense of self-discipline that can carry over into all aspects of life.  The number of women in Taekwondo has more than tripled in recent years and currently represents more than 40% of all practicing students.



Much of this interest can be attributed to the nature of Taekwondo technique.  In self-defense, striking and kicking is instinctive and these types of techniques can readily be adapted to a woman’s physical structure.  As we age, our flexibility and agility often tends to decrease.  This decreased level of flexibility can have a negative effect on the activities we do or the style of life we lead.  When people first see Taekwondo, they are fascinated by the strong kicking techniques that are often over their heads.

Not everyone can achieve super flexibility.  However, practicing Taekwondo techniques can improve your flexibility no matter what age you start.


When you learn to coordinate this speed and power through your smallest muscles, you can develop the concentration to focus all of your body’s strength into a small hard striking surface like the edge of the hand or the heel of your foot.  Once you have mastered this ‘focusing’ of your strength, the idea of overcoming obstacles becomes quite real.  When used in a self-defense situation against the soft vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body, this power can be incredible.


Keeping this in mind, we offer Taekwondo classes for the whole family.  Register your entire family and take part in training together.  Add Taekwondo to the list of fun things to do with the family.