Okere Dickson Iheanyichukwu (ODI)

Getting to know ODI
Dickson was born on the 9th October 1985, Imo State, Nigeria. He He has a Degree B.Sc in Political Science , University of Nigeria Nsukka and a Master of Science (MSc) in International Relations from the Department of Political Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Enthusiastically, Dickson began his Martial Art training at the age of 8 years on the 15th September 1993, with traditional Kung-fu – Nigro Shawolin Kung-Fu, University of Nigeria Nsukka, under the head coach – Sifu Ezeazu Clement (aka Fimbar) who laid the foundation but Sifu John Aniemeka Ikeme (Ph.D) consolidated on that foundation and made him a better and stronger fighter of mixed martial art. After 15 years of consistent practice of kung-fu, he was encouraged to learn other forms of marital art. So in the year 2008 he started learning Taekwondo. Dickson represented and captained the UNN Taekwondo Team to UNIJOS Taekwondo (Best of the Best Championship ) and UNN NUGA games respectively in 2009, which in both games he won Silver medals Dickson won Gold medal in Taekwondo and Silver Medal in Kick- boxing during Imo State sport festival and was conferred with black belt by Grand Master Kuba Kassy, the Imo State Taekwondo Head Coach in 2011.

Dickson has a particular philosophy about Martial Art that make him outstanding in three different forms of Martial Art- Kung-fu, Taekwondo and Kick-Boxing.
His philosophical prowls in Marital Art fetched him a slot in Enugu State Kick-Boxing Team as a captain to the National Sports Festivals KADA Games, GARDEN CITY GAMES Port Harcourt and Algeria for some promotional fights.
His Martial Art Philosophy anchors on Brus Lee’s philosophy of a “good fight” thus, “a good fight is a fight that is taken as a play but played seriously”.. (Teakwondo is all about discipline, self control, coordination, mental alertness and consistency )